Carla Weeks Tularosa Textile Panel

Carla Weeks Tularosa Textile Panel


This collection of hand-printed textile panels is based on a drive across the New Mexican landscape in the winter of 2017. The reduced shapes and faded colors found in the panels are recordings of the architectural elements Carla saw repeated throughout the towns she drove through. Due to the hand-printed nature of each piece, color variation and texture discrepancies arise. We love that this highlights the process of hand-printing with dye, and makes each piece truly unique.

About the Artist: Carla is a British born artist and designer living in Philadelphia, PA. Using pattern as a vehicle to articulate memory, Carla's paintings, textiles, and murals are visual recordings informed by her interactions with both natural landscapes and the built environment. Distilling the color and form experienced in specific geographic locations, Carla aims to create 2-dimensional patterns that communicate a resonating sense of place.

  • 21”x52” (32” wide with mount)

  • Shipping takes 2 weeks

  • Screen printed with dye on Indian khadi cotton

  • Red oak or cherry wood mount

  • Wood mounts arrive ready to hang, with key hole slots for a seamless installation.

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